Turkish Language Teaching

Turkish Teaching Department of the Faculty of Education, which was established within the body of Kyrenia University, which was established in 2013, continues its education as of the beginning of 2016 with a new structure and understanding.

Our department raises children and young people who will carry our Republic to the future in accordance with the main goals and objectives of the Ministry of National Education and the Council of Higher Education.

There are 3 professors, 2 associate professors, 1 assistant professor and 5 experts in our department.

Our students who have completed the Department of Turkish Language Teaching at Girne University, Faculty of Education, receive a bachelor’s degree in their fields.

Objectives and Objectives of The Program
Objective: The aim of our department is to raise teachers who have the ability to use Turkish correctly, to understand what they read and listen, to express themselves verbally and in writing, to have national language awareness, to protect and protect Turkish Language.

Objective: The aim of our department is to train Turkish teachers equipped with scientific and social features, offering academic researches, publications related to Turkish Education, Teaching theories and practices, providing interdisciplinary cooperation, following up-level trainings, producing innovative, original solutions.

Strengths of The Program
Kyrenia University, Faculty of Education, Turkish Language Teaching Department was established to enable our students to participate in theoretical and applied research, to support them to use and follow the latest technologies and to provide them with the highest quality education and training life :

  1. Lesson and classroom activities,
  2. Team work,
  3. Read,
  4. Homework,
  5. Preparing project,
  6. Seminar,
  7. Application,
  8. Social activities,
  9. School Experience and Teaching Practice.

Job Opportunities
Our students who graduated from Girne University, Faculty of Education, Turkish Language Teaching Department;

  • They can take Turkish lessons at the primary schools of public schools and in private institutions, classrooms and colleges.
  • They can progress in the academic field by doing a master’s degree in Education Faculties or Faculty of Science and Letters.
  • By developing themselves in the fields of literature, writing and speaking, they can work in magazines, newspapers and television fields.

Required Conditions to be Graduated From The Program

  1. Kyrenia University, Faculty of Education, Turkish Language Teaching Department for our students to graduate;
  2. Achieving all courses with 240 ECTS credits in the lesson plans, they must have a GPA of at least 2.00 over 2.4.00.

The medium of instruction is in Turkish for the Turkish Language Teaching program in Faculty of Education.